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A group of

Parents, Teachers, and
Business and Community Leaders

working together as Advocates
for the children of our nation.
Making a Difference One Child and One Person at a Time

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    The goals and benefits of for Kids
    are numerous:

It is the belief of this network that parents, teachers, administrators, AND businesses each have a vital role in the education of our children and must be able to communicate their individual and collective viewpoints and needs effectively to those making decisions at various levels and organizations, and those developing the laws that govern this nation.

As the National Education Network for the 21st Century it is our goal to help families, schools, businesses and communities utilize the technology available, especially the internet, to communicate, to disseminate and obtain useful information, and to help make things happen more efficiently and more effectively without the tradition of red-tape and bureacracy.

It provides the educational community nationwide the ability to find schools in other locales in a matter of minutes without laborious searching through search engines.

It provides a SAFE surfing environment for parents, teachers and students that is constantly being monitored by other like-minded educators.

It provides a directory of the top resources available on the internet, already tried and tested by their peers and given the 'best practices' seal of approval.

It provides parents, teachers, and business and community leaders a "VOICE" in the education of their children, as well as in helping to determine rules and regulations regarding technology and the internet.

It provides businesses a way to support the schools and become involved in putting resources into the education of our children.

It provides parents with a resource to find and support businesses that are putting their marketing dollars back into the education of America's youth and promoting family and educational values.

It provides Parents, Teachers, and Students a vast resource of information under one roof to aid in the education of children and the building of homes and communities across the nation.

It provides all schools everywhere an effective way to communicate with patrons and to receive feedback from them.

It provides parents and students interested in learning more about the Internet and webpage design an opportunity to become involved as local webmasters.

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