Volume 1 Issue 2

January, 2008


Writers and Artists Wanted:
We're looking for dedicated young writers and artists to join our online newspaper team.  Do you consider yourself a writer or an artist and want to get involved?  If so Email us and let us know.  Write a paragraph or two explaining where your interests lie and any experience you have in those areas.


Smarty Pants
It's a wild and wacky world out there.  Everywhere you turn there are new things to learn.  Let us know what you want to learn about.  Each month we will feature crazy facts, stories, and links about our feature subject. 

Current Events
What's happening out there?  This is where you'll find out what the latest world news is, where you can enter national contests and much much more!   Coming Soon!!

OTM stands for "Of the Month".  Do you know of a teacher, school, or student that deserves to be honored.  Send us an email telling us why.


Here are our favorite places to visit when we surf the web.  Do you have a link that you think should be here. Tell us about it. Under Construction


Dear Editor
Have a question?  We've got answers!  You can send questions in annonymously and your answers will be posted here on the Net-Gazette. Send them in!

Extra! Extra!
You hear about all of the things going on in the world every day through newspapers and Television.  What we want to know is
what is going on in your world.  Tell us about whatever is happening in your life that is important to you.   Write an article about anything from the little stuff to the big stuff. Email your article to us when you're done.

Hey there Sports Fans!  Want to let the world know who won your teams soccor game?  Did you get to go to a professional sporting event? Let us know.   We want to let the world hear about it. 

Any aspiring comic artists out there?  If you have original comics send them in.  You can either scan it yourself and send it as an attatchment or snail mail it and have us scan it. Email us!


Why did the chicken cross the road?      We don't know!  That's why we're asking you. =)   Have you heard a funny joke lately that you want to share?  Let us know.


Food for Thought
Each month we will feature a quick and easy recipie that you can do at home.  If you have any ideas let us know.


Interested in becoming a Youth Webmaster? Click Here

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