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History and Social Studies

  • Xpeditions features an interactive geography museum with exhibits keyed to the National Geography Standards, a collection of standards-based lesson plans, special interactive Family Xpeditions, Blue Ribbon Links to outstanding geography sites, resources for teachers and parents and a global atlas of outline maps specially designed for print out.

  • Mr. Kash's History Page A history teacher at Madison Middle School has designed this page to be used by history students and teachers interested in exploring the Internet as part of their studies.

  • History/Social Studies Lesson Plans

  • Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources

  • Information on all 50 States

  • America's Story from America's Library

  • Kids National Geographic

  • Social Studies Educational Resources

  • American President - life portraits

  • Ancient Egypt Webquest

  • Tom Daccord's "Best Of" history Web Sites

  • Enchanted Learning - Explorers

  • History for Kids

  • Parthenon Graphics - Timelines, Histories, Etc.

  • The History Place - Holocaust Timeline

  • World History Chronology

  • Western Civilization - A saga of pride and prejudice, peace and war

  • Encyclopedia Mythica - includes lists of over 5700 articles, 300 illustrations, maps, genealogy tables, and much more.

  • The Greeks - Crucible of Civilization

  • Timeline of the Bible

  • Discovery School's A-to-Z History

  • Educational World - History

  • The History Channel

  • History/Social Studies for K-12 Teachers

  • Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

  • Ancient Egypt: The Curse of King Tut Fact or Myth?

  • ArtiFAQ 2100 - chronicles Art History - (1st prize in the Microsoft Challenge)

  • Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling?

  • The History Net

  • Today in History

  • USHistory.org

  • A Walk Through Time

  • BBC Online History

  • Lesson Plans on Ancient Egypt

  • Exploring Ancient World Cultures

  • The History Place

  • The Oregon Trail

  • A Walk Through Time - A history website for 7-9 year olds

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